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Transducer Protector
  • Antibacterial hydrophobic Air-filters with both female & male luer lock. This protective hydrophobic barrier allows only sterile air passage protecting patients and equipment from cross contamination.
  • Coloured Housing available optionally for identification.
  • Custom-Printed Blister packaging available optionally.
  • Housing Design is robust & safe to withstand pneumatic-pulsing.
Biological Safety 2.5cm2
Material of Construction Media : PTFE, Housing : PVC/ABS
Intel / Outlet Connetions Female Luer Lock (FLL)
Female Luer Slip (FLS)
Male Luer Lock (MLL)
Male Luer Lock (FLL)
All Luers conforms to ISO:594
Maximum Operation Temperature 55o C (131o F)
Pore Size 0.2 u m
Sterilization Compatibility ETO
Biological Safety Materials of construction pass USP Biological Reactivity Tests, in Vivo<88>
Minimum Water Breakthrough PTFE : 1.1 bar/30 seconds
Chemical Tests Approved PH < 1.5ml, Heavy Metal < 1ppm Potassium Permanganate - Reducing Substances < 1.0 ml UV Spectrum < 0.05 ABS (based on 350nm) Residue on Evaporation < 1 mg
Connected with Tubing and Dialysis Machine Sensor
Transducer Protector Product Code Standard Packing Box / Carton Dimensions Box/Carton Gross Wt.
HOUSING/ Semi-Rigid PVC/ABS (Medical-Grade) MEMBRANE/PTFE TM (GORE Medical Membrane) Pore Size - 0.2 u m “Sterilization Method - ETO” 302.E0000A 100/1000 50/1000 170x135x150mm/695x330x180mm 170x135x70mm/695x330x180mm 4.0 Kg

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