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Disposable Hemodialysis Tubing Set (Post Pump)
Product Code Standard Packing Dimension Carton Gross Wt.
301.F0000A 24 Pcs 570x360x270mm 7.50 Kg
  • Large Finger Guard on injection-site.
  • Tubing Material is latex-free.
  • The Clamps (small and large) are designed with ideal ergonomic features, no additional clamps required.
  • Dialyser Connector is wing-shaped for better grip and is provided with a security-lock for dialyser ports.
  • Drip Chamber is available in all sizes and models; rigid or soft, single or multiple, inlet/outlets & conical or straight depending upon customer needs.
  • Recirculator Connector can connect Venous to Arterial line for re-circulation.
  • Can be used as attachment hook.
  • Can be used as flow resistance in-line during priming (closed cap vented).
  • Act as safety barrier against contamination at the patient-connector before connection.
  • No coloured parts in direct contact with blood.
  • Accessories such as in Infusion Line, Priming Bag, etc. are available separately or pre-connected as and if required.

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