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Guide Wire
  • Accurate Measure for catheter tracking.
  • Smooth Tip for insertion (curved and Straight tip).
  • Smooth Advancer for Dispensing.
  • Variety of sizes with different lengths and shapes available.
  • Easy Insertion and removal.
  • Kink Resistance.
  • Safety Cover provided to avoid damage.
Product Code Guide Wire Tip Shape Material Product Code Guide Wire Size Tip Shape Material Standing Packing Carton
301.L0111A 0.018” X 45 Straight/Nitinol 301.L0121A 0.018” X 45 40-50cm
Jugular/Nitinol 25
301.L0112B 0.021” X 50 Straight/Nitinol 301.L0122B 0.021” X 50 50-60cm
Jugular/Nitinol 25
301.L0114D 0.035” X 70 Straight/Nitinol 301.L0124D 0.035” X 70 60-70cm
Jugular/Nitinol 25

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