Sceptre Medical

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Perfusion Set
  • Roller Clamps are specially designed for better flow control & precise adjustment of infusion rate
  • Spike is of super strong bevel shape and extremely sharp (Vented and Non-Vented) for better penetration.
  • Latex Tube is of superior quality for self-sealing.
  • Sharp Needle for better penetration.
  • Drip Chamber is designed as collapsible cylinder with hydrophobic filter that acts as bacteria barrier and is transparent to visualize the flow rate.
  • Options Available: Y-Injection Site / Latex-bulb / Luer-slip (with or without Air-vent)
  • Packing: Pouch Packed / Paper Blister Packed / DEHP Free.
Product Code Type
301.R0110A Vented Latex Bulb
301.R0230A Non-Vented Y-Site
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