Sceptre Medical
Pressure Monitoring Line
  • Highly kink resistant tubing.
  • Made of clear, non-toxic PVC.
  • Facilitates optimum dynamic response.
  • Various lengths is available.
  • External Dia.: 2.80mm.
  • Internal Dia.: 1.27mm.
  • Length: 10, to 250cm.
  • Latex Free, Sterile, non-pyrogenic.
  • Connector: Female, Male.
Product Code Size Standard Packing Box/Carton Dimentions Box/Carton
301.K0100A 10-250Cm 25/250 170x135x150mm/695x330x180mm

Pressure Monitoring Line is made of clear and non toxic PVC. It is available as Sterile & Non-Toxic.

Tubing Material i.e., PVC is latex free & kink-resistant. It facilitates optimum dynamic response.

The Assembly is highly accurate and monitors the fluent blood pressure as required. Usually for high-risk patients the faulty readings of the instruments can be harmful. It is important in such cases that correct and timely monitoring is done for further line of treatment based on the previous readings.

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